Installing the very best

CCTV Technology

for your protection.

Protecting your business or home with CCTV is essential in keeping your property, people and equipment safe. At Brit Sec Fire and Security, we expertly install the very best in CCTV technology for your protection. The majority of all video solutions that we install are Internet Protocol (IP) based, meaning they can be accessed securely off site. All of our cameras are high resolution and can retain a minimum of four weeks footage.

Not only do we supply completely new systems, but we also offer upgrades to existing systems, offering a particularly cost effective and time saving solution.

Temporary Installations

Our temporary video security systems are a necessity on any construction site, void property or any location where power and internet connections are an issue.

Permanent Installations

Permanent camera systems enable you to record the activities of an entire site continuously; recording accurate evidence of any incidents.

Monitoring, Response & Maintenance

When a potential threat triggers your alarms you can rest assured that the Brit Sec Fire and Security team will be managing it and determining the threat.

At Toybox we specialise in prestige and classic high value motor vehicles which we prepare and sell from our showroom. We commissioned Brit Sec to design and install a camera system to monitor our showroom and workshop. They did a great job and did a speedy install and we are very happy with the system they provided.


If you would like to find out more about our CCTV systems, please get in touch.

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