Design, installation and maintenance of your

Fire Alarm

for your safety.

When it comes to fire alarm design and installation, here at Brit Sec Fire and Security we are well experienced, highly regarded and fully accredited; meaning that we can deliver a fully compliant, quality and cost-effective solution. We can’t stress how important it is to get this right. We can ensure that you stay safe, comply with the law and satisfy your insurers.

Once a fire risk assessment has been completed, we will use the recommendations along with your requirements and our suggestions to determine the very best fire alarm system for your needs. We work with open protocol systems; meaning that you are not tied to a limited number of providers. It is in our interest to recommend the very best quality installation, which is well maintained.

Our expertise spans many environments, including; distribution, retail space, offices, hotels, multiple occupancy homes and many more! Our varied skill set and experience helps us to deliver the highest quality fire alarm systems.

A fire is one of the most serious threats that your business may face, and is a big responsibility to ensure compliance with statutory and legal requirements. Neglecting your fire safety duties may have detrimental effects to your business.

Our experienced team can support you through the process and design, install and maintain your fire alarm solution. If a more complex system is required, we will use the latest technology to ensure the safety of your business. This could include:

• Air sampling (aspirating)
• Intrinsically safe
• Thermal imaging
• Smartphone connectivity
• Real time notifications
• Reporting technology

Our systems can be monitored by our 24-hour manned control room to ensure appropriate action can be taken at all times.

We have been working with Brit Sec Fire and Security now for a number of years, we have always found them to be a cut above the rest of the industry. Andy and the team appreciate the need to react quickly and offer the support we extend to our customers. With fire systems being in the spotlight it’s reassuring for us to have someone we know and trust carrying out our installations.


If you would like to find out more about our fire alarm systems, please get in touch.

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