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Permanent Installations

There are many situations where you may require permanent CCTV for your home or business. Health and safety at work requires you to be ever vigilant in order to protect your business and staff. By having camera systems installed, you can record the activities of an entire site continuously; recording accurate evidence of any incidents.

For active sites, particularly those open to the public, having professionally installed, permanent CCTV systems can assist with insurance costs and provide accurate evidence for any potential accident compensation claims.

If your site doesn’t operate 24 hours, your CCTV will act as a deterrent for criminal activity and provide evidence for potential prosecution, should an incident occur. If your site is not manned at certain parts of the day or night, you can monitor your cameras off-site. Using the latest technology, including the introduction of PIR detectors, you can be notified of any intrusions, showing video footage remotely.

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