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Monitoring, Response and Maintenance

When a potential threat triggers your alarms; you can rest assured that the Brit Sec CCTV monitoring and response team will be managing it. An alarm will be raised at our central control room, whereby the CCTV software will pinpoint the activation cause. A controller will then monitor the footage to determine whether or not there is an intrusion.

What next? After CCTV monitoring, the majority of all activations will not need further action Рbut when they do our tried and tested systems will kick into action. We will use all of the information available to us to further determine the threat. A simple visual patrol of the site will usually identify the alarm trigger. When a real intrusion or threat is identified the Brit-Sec team can be waiting by with mobile patrols, dog handlers or site security guards.

Those with a Police approved system and maintenance programme will have a unique reference number which will be noted to the police upon our Police response request.

Should you have a key-holding agreement with Brit Sec, a call out process will be initiated. Otherwise, we will contact your designated key-holder to assist the Police. When an intruder has been identified, we will issue you with a full report; alongside screenshots and video clips which can be used for prosecution if necessary.

If you would like to find out more about our CCTV systems, please get in touch.

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